A minha reunião de sonho!

The pictures here were all taken this year in June 2007, at Milk Studios in New York, and were my way of passing some of the time during four days of intensive and sometimes difficult discussions. They are all shot on real film, using a 6×6 Mamiya camera, and with the occasional help of a chair for the camera to rest on for long exposures.

Magnum Reunion 1

Round the table were some most well known photojournalists of the twentieth century, but on the table was basically a carpet of Leicas and other assorted cameras, and as the meeting went on people began photographing each other.

Magnum Reunion 2

I was always rather frustrated by the lighting conditions, which are normally difficult, and in my first meeting as President in London 1991, I set up two large film lights across the large table determined that this was going to be the best-lit Magnum meeting ever. It all went well until on the third day Philip Jones Griffiths started fiddling with one of the lighting stands and it came crashing down fusing the whole system.

MAgnum Reunion 3

USA. New York. The Magnum Annual General Meeting. The annual member's meeting took place at Milk Studios over a period of four days. © Peter Marlow/Magnum Photos

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